Writerpreneur OS: Core Basics - Becoming a Professional Writer 001



The takeaway for this student is that they will know the core basics that will enable any writerpreneur to kickstart their own entrepreneurial success.

You'll know:

a) How to set your expectations and achieve these – to have and be anything and everything you want from your writing.

b) How to read for technique and learn from the world's greatest authors, to distill their techniques that are still engaging readers on a gut level – even hundreds of years after their works were first published.

c) The 7 choices every professional writer makes even before they do any outlining. These decisions will affect the monetary success of anything you publish. But also apply to your presentations and videos and podcasts.

d) The basic strategies for making a sustainable business from your writing – and how to diversify to expand your income by writing once and publishing many ways (and many formats).

How to Take This Course

This is initially running as a daily cohort through my Substack newsletter. (https://robertworstell.substack.com/s/writerpreneur-os)

This course consists of 28 lessons. It's suggested that you do one lesson per day and any additional assignments. The point of a month-long course is to build your writing habits so that you can continue right along after this course is done. You are free to progress as fast as you want, but the discipline of daily reading and writing will stay with you for the rest of your life.

By the end of this course, you'll have been enabled to self-publish a book of your own, and taken through the basics you need to write daily, publish weekly, and compile larger texts that become paperback editions suitable for any buyer's bookshelves.

You'll also learn the basics of how to get a newsletter going for your audience, and set up a ready income stream from these alone. These are supplemental lessons to the course proper, but will show up as we go.

The course you have in front of you is entirely self-paced.

Course Quality

This course is simple, and produced to a basic production level so that you can get the data quickly and get going. And meanwhile priced to be affordable.

Short videos, accompanied by text. Each actionable on its own.

You are encouraged to study these lessons in sequence, as they build on the earlier lessons to produce the results you are expecting.

Why This Course Series?

We've always wanted to know stuff that always work for all writers, everywhere - any time in history.

Because humankind hasn't changed much in the last 10,000 years, if at all.

We're wired a certain way.

What we want is the same, only our current culture has changed at all - not what motivates us.

When you know and write for what motivates people to read, then they'll buy your book or product. After reading the first few paragraphs - or skimming the table of contents.

People still want the same things as they always have, even before history was recorded. Even though it's been rewritten for years...

Now you can have all this stuff at your fingertips.




And you can help build/improve this with your feedback.

Because I'm writing this just for you.

UPDATE 2/1/23: This course is now live as a cohort, available on Substack (as linked above). Here we now have all the most necessary materials uploaded. There will be supplementary PDF's included, and perhaps supplementary videos. But as a self-paced course, everything you need is already included.

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This is building in public. You'll get outlines, drafts, images, PDF's, all the cutting room floor materials that makes up this course and it's texts.

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Writerpreneur OS: Core Basics - Becoming a Professional Writer 001

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