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Writing isn't hard to learn, but you have to practice - a lot.

That's what all the write-ups of successful authors all say. 

Here, you'll find classic texts you can trust to bring you the straight scoop about what works and what doesn't. Based on their own experiences as a lifelong writer.

I've spent years uncovering these materials. At one point, I assembled a set of over 227 popular texts on authorship and the writer's craft, only to throw away all but about a dozen that were worth keeping as regular references.

Because most of the books out there, especially the modern ones, are crud.

Somewhere north of 90% are truly useless.

Most are that way because they simply repeat the "conventional wisdom" that they've swallowed. Just because "everyone else" is saying that doesn't make it true.

Writing is a personal thing. Always has been. 

And if it's done right, writing is a constant joy. 

But I've talked with a veteran editor for a major publishing house who had never found a single author who enjoyed it. That's just sad.

It means those writers are going about it completely wrong. 

In this Library, you'll find classic texts by successful writers and editors. 

And nothing else. 

Sure, some of these are boiled down and compiled into concise collections.

One book I studied was condensed into a couple of pages. Because the rest of that book was simply filled with padding about how to format your manuscript, etc.

These books are about restoring the writer's magic.

That's what Dorothea Brande called it, back in the early 1900's. And hers is one of two texts that are routinely recommended to modern writers. (The other is Stephen King's memoir.)

All the books and materials you find here have been tested. And that means that you need to test them for yourself. 

I could go into full descriptions of each of these, but you're going to be better off to download them and dissect them for yourself. And decide whether I've given you useful texts, or just hype.

Of course, it won't cost you anything to find our for yourself.

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  • You get: no-cost ebooks, ongoing research reports, and materials as released.
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