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How to Completely Change Your LIfe - Audio Book - 2nd Edition

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How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds, Second Edition

The Formula...

Here's the secret in 3 steps:

1. Suspend disbelief as you read the following:
2. "We Become What We Think About." - Earl Nightingale
3. Then, decide that it's true.

Now, the rest of your life, you'll be testing this for yourself. You may be asking questions like these:

  • Can you actually change what you think about?
  • Do positive thoughts create a positive personal environment?
  • Does being critical of anything or anyone around you actually improve conditions?
  • Is your health affected by negative thinking?

You'll find continuing instances of how this is true and how it might not be. And forever, you'll be testing the entire environment around you and every thought which enters your perception. You'll wonder if you can actually change your thoughts, and what are the limits to this concept.

You'll be “haunted” by this singular thought, although the results won't make you lose sleep – instead, you'll awake with fresh inspirations from time to time about how to live your life even better than you are now.

Because you've just started on a journey which has no definite end.

In this first in a series, the basics of Nightingale's success philosophy are revealed, based on notes transcribed from select recordings.

This new second edition audio has been reorganized by subject areas, with some essays restored.

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How to Completely Change Your LIfe - Audio Book - 2nd Edition

0 ratings