Ghost Hunters Anthology 02

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The Continuing Saga of the Ghost Hunters

A mystery-detective writer is recruited by two enticing young spirit guides, who are capable of transporting him through space and time to solve the problems of ghosts stuck in this dimension.

A follow-up anthology with their continuing adventures, as they further explore the unseen enemies they face who want to keep the ghosts haunting here.

As well, the relationships between a young man and two very female guides develop as they continue working side-by-side. All learning from their various adventures and mysteries.

This anthology contains:

  • The Haunted Ghost
  • Faith
  • Harpy
  • The Ghost Who Loved

Excerpt from The Haunted Ghost:

Jude and Sal phased in like before. They phased me outside, on a rock outcropping outside a second floor window opening. Narrow, but still wide enough if there wasn’t a harsh wind or earthquake.

The apparition started as before, with the lady in white with the single rose walking toward the two. I could see the whole scene from outside.

Then the floor dropped out, but Sal and Jude kept standing like nothing happened.

The walls had returned to their actual state, and a bright moon was shining down from above, lighting the open walls.

The face on the lady was one of shock. She had quit screaming once she saw that Sal and Jude hadn’t changed position, but were smiling at her. This was my cue.

“Hey, over here! Can you help me? I just had some simple questions for you. Please come here, I’d like to hear your thoughts and your story,” I said, as enthusiastic as I could, given that I couldn’t move anywhere safely on that narrow ledge.

The lady glided towards me and again put the rose between her two hands. My asking questions, from what should have been a solid wall, really threw her off her game.

She was puzzled, a slight frown on her face. “Why do you want to ask me questions? No one has ever wanted to know my opinion...”

“Since when?” I asked.

“Well, it’s been, let’s see. Probably three hundred years now.” The lady replied.

“What was the last event you remember?” I asked.

“It was Reginald coming to ask me a rude question, about my birthright. And I started shouting at him. Then there was some tremor underground and the floor collapsed, followed by the floor above us. And I’ve been here ever since.” She finished.

“Was there something you didn’t get to say or do before the floor collapsed?” I asked.

Actually, Reginald was right. I was only pretending to be the Countess. The Count and I had never officially married. After the Count died, it was only a matter of time before I was found out. But he hadn’t told me where he had locked up the Treasury, where the tax money was stored. And I had to find that before I did anything else, or I would find myself back as a peasant girl again, just as when I first met the Count.” Her downcast eyes told the shame of her secret.

“What’s your name, if I may be so bold,” I asked.

“Countess - er, Faith.” At that she smiled, and her face took a glow.

“Well Faith, the days of peasants are long gone, and in most places on this planet, a person can earn a good living without having to marry into a fortune, so if you decide to try this again, you might find our current world a better place to live in,” I said.

“Thank you, kind sir. It seems I have an appointment right now,” she turned and looked off into the distance beyond the old castle walls. “But if I do get the opportunity to ‘try this again’ I’ll remember your advice. And let me thank you once more. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this favor.”

She then smiled like the beauty her Count had fallen in love with. Turning, she walked across the missing floor and vanished before she reached the castle wall on the other side.

At that, Sal and Jude walked across the ‘floor’ and through the wall to each take one of my arms, standing with me on that thin ledge of parapet rock.

“Another great job done well,” Jude said.

“And another improbable sleuthing completed, eh Lestrade?” Sal asked.

“Hey I thought it was my turn to be Watson...” fumed Jude.

“Ladies, ladies - one at a time, each in their turn,” I said with a smile.

The two gals smiled at me, then winked at each other and walked me backwards into space like a solid floor was there. But I could see the cliffs beneath my feet hundreds of yards below, with all types of birds flitting back and forth in between the rocks far below and my own feet.

So I grabbed their arms tightly from reflex...

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Ghost Hunters Anthology 02

0 ratings
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