Ghost Hunters Anthology 11

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The adventures of the Ghost Hunters continue - with more exotic locations and hair-raising paranormal adventures than ever before:

 - A triple crossover story, where a time-bender discovers she is about to be erased from history unless she helps both her author friend and a soon-to-be boyfriend out of their respective time loops.

 - The Ghost Hunter team travels to China to resolve the problem of a Chinese emperor and his empress who are living outside of time while in our time-line the Great Chinese desert continues to expand and threaten all life on this planet.

 - The final story in the Healers Chronicles resolves the plight of two scientists who are trapped by the same virus they are studying.

 - Two duplicate people find themselves on Earth. One is a child, the other a savvy politician and power-crazy. To solve either, you must solve both - before the Western World is plunged into crisis with an assassination attempt during the State of the Union speech…

This first quarter anthology of short story fiction by S. H. Marpel and various co-authors brings you new ideas to digest - all in the short periods of time you have available. 

Solve the mysteries of the paranormal as common-place - If you can.

This Anthology contains:

- Walkaway Mary by S. H. Marpel
- Empress Oracle by S. H. Marpel, J. R. Kruze
- The Healers Chronicles: Miracles by S. H. Marpel
- Doppel by S. H. Marpel, R. L. Saunders



His long face was more dour than usual, something that made him serious was very bad. That I knew from working with him over the past few months of my training at the Library.

Ben just nodded, and pulled out a small stack of books to hand them to me. Almost like he had spelled them out of thin air. And I wouldn’t put that past him.

I looked them over.

They were esoteric, of course. But seemed to deal with time travel and bending. Sure, there was his own treatise from what he’d learned after meeting Carol and Tess, our favorite time-benders. But a lot of “fiction” here as well. Which we all know from reading John’s books is that it’s just another way to write factual occurrences, but in a more entertaining format.

“What’s all this about, Ben?”

He only nodded and walked away to the center of the Library, where that long mission-style, brown leather couch sat, along with its matching coffee table and opposing side chairs.

So I took the hint and quit asking questions. Just sat down to start reading.

When I looked up again, it was just to see Granger’s smiling face as she set down a large plate of brownies next to a platter that held a carafe of steaming beverage with mugs. Which smelled like café-mocha – double chocolate for me this afternoon. Meant they needed me to concentrate and study quickly.

I looked up to thank Granger, but she had already disappeared into the surrounding library stacks.

I poured myself a mug-full, took a brownie in the other hand, then sat back, crossed my legs beneath that knee-length gold-sequined flapper outfit I loved, and considered what I’d read to that point.

All of these books had a commonality of time loops.

Not my particular area of expertise.

Of course, I was still digesting all I’d been studying for the last few months. Ever since I had decided to go ahead and get that Ghost Hunter training so I could help more people (both ghosts and corporeal) with solving their mysteries.

And that meant I’d get to meet John occasionally for debriefing. Always a joy, with those rugged good looks of his…

I had to shake my head to get back to concentrating on what this mission was. Another brownie helped.

Then I saw the folder that I’d missed before – or someone had shifted it in under those books while I was engulfed in my reading.

It opened simply. My first mission.

First my heart went a-pattering, then it sank.

This one was do – or die.

A funny thing to say to a spirit-guide. Funny in a tragic sense.

Things had been happening that weren’t good. Our own staff gone missing. Cases being un-solved. The Library missing materials – whole shelves-full at once.

Then I saw the one picture that almost made my own heart stop.

It was a picture of my old ship, the U.S.S. Sea Quest. But the caption said it was taken just before that ship was towed to salvage.

And that date was before John, Sal, and Jude ever came to rescue me.

Meaning: I’d never become a spirit guide, gotten this training, joined the Ghost Hunters – and was probably now doomed to haunt a salvage yard as a ghost.

I closed the folder with a slap. Angry – just a bit.

No. I wasn’t going out that way.

I slipped my hand in without opening that folder again, and tore the top sheet off the inside cover.

That was the mission statement. And I read it closely.

Then looked up.

Someone familiar was phasing into place in front of me…

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Ghost Hunters Anthology 11

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