The Harpy Saga Anthology by S. H. Marpel

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The Harpy Saga Anthology by S. H. Marpel

Living Sensical Press
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It's not often these days that you read about a real goddess.

One who was a lover of Ulysses – and saved his butt more than he would care to admit (and never told his biographer.) And one who influenced history for good and bad in more ways than you know.

But only the very worst stories about how she looked and acted have been passed down through the ages.

So she kidnapped a writer to tell it straight. Only he had to write this as fiction, since no one would believe him anyway.

This is all about her and that author. All of what happened between them and because of them isn't chronicled here. But this short collection is a good start.

Extracted from the numerous episodes of the Ghost Hunters series.

And it begins, as we said above, with his disappearance...

This Anthology Containing:

- Harpy

- Harpy's Desires

- Harpy Redux

- Sister Mine

- Time Bent

- Harpy Spawn

And a complete Book Universes Notes addition - so you know all the characters and miss no subtle asides or easter eggs...


“JOHN, YOU CAN CALL me Harpy.” The voice woke me.

I was tightly bound to a support column in some old, dank and stone-lined room. Where exactly, I didn’t know. I had on my dungarees, work boots, red cotton t-shirt under my canvas jacket. Like I’d just been air-lifted from the pasture on my farm.

Facing me was a woman with wings. A gorgeous woman with strong, beautiful wings.

And her voice was like poured honey over buttered toast on a hot day. Smooth, lustrous, golden.

I’d rather call her siren. Especially when I looked into her eyes. Vibrant green, like the glowing color of fireflies. But steady, piercing.

Harpy stepped closer to me and I could see more detail in her thin, nearly sheer top. It seemed like a dancing leotard. Her long legs took her closer to me in graceful barefoot paces. A tail of cloth-like drape, like the sweep of tail feathers behind, barely grazed the floor and raised small puffs of dust as she strode toward me.

“Why Harpy, why not Siren? With a face and eyes like that, you can have any lover you want.” I said.

“Oh, and I have. They all loved me and went to their death for me. Too human. Short lifespans, inflated egos, puppy-dog eyes and utter devotion.” The Harpy sighed.

“Why do you call yourself ‘Harpy’,” I asked. “The usual pictures are of an ugly monster with really only a woman’s face, the rest are parts of animals.”

Harpy sighed. “Probably the same reason vampires and other creatures have such bad reputations. You can see my wings and yes I have claws.” She held up two fingers from one hand where long talons suddenly extended from her fingertips, then retracted as quickly. “But that is no different than cats, really. Practically, I can even hide my wings and walk among humans, the same as I’ve done for centuries. I’ve passed royalty and commoner alike and no one has known except when I wanted them to.” She sighed again and looked off into space.

“May I ask why you brought me here and why I am tied up so tight?” I asked.

“Because I want you to tell my side of the story...."

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