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A Simple, Inexpensive Way to Have Quality Books Arrive

  • Never run out of quality reading and entertainment... 
  • Receive new non-fiction books that result from ongoing real-world research - "hot off the press"!
  • All in digital format for easy uploading or sideloading to your ereader of choice. These books read as well on a smartphone screen as a book-sized tablet.

Our publishing has produced an average of over two books per week, every week for the last three years. And it doesn't look like this is going to let up anytime soon, as there is an epic planned that will produce four novel-sized collections of at least eight individual books each.

You'll get access to every new release, including compiled anthologies in the Ghost Hunter, Hooman Saga, and New Voices series. (In addition to the short series that may show up or get added to with any new publication.)

A subscription plan guarantees you don't miss a single new release. On any subscription term, the savings add up meanwhile. All single short story ebooks start on this site at $2.50, while the longer anthologies will always run higher, according to page length. (Everywhere else, these book prices are either higher or much higher.) 

AND: This plan comes pre-loaded with the last 3 months of published releases.

(Just so you can start your binge-reading from the first week...)

Lots more books coming...

Additional Members-Only Additions:

New "Insiders Guide Book Universe Notes" (four volumes worth) have been compiled just for the Insiders Club, which tell the relations between the ongoing characters and allow you to look up their backstories and origin books. These Guides will remain exclusive to the Insiders Club and never offered to outside publication.

We're also producing our pre-release notes on the upcoming books. These are the workouts and comments between the Author and First Readers on the characters, scenes, conflicts, relationships, and general planning. Because sometimes the muses flood their story details out when the writer already is in progress with other work - the safest thing is to note these down, regardless of whether all these details can be worked into the final story.

These notes will never be published anywhere, else. They are shared with Insiders ahead of the actual book being published. Additionally, where there is a planned series of these books, often the notes are compiled into a single set to track longer story arcs and propose/discuss probable cross-overs and relationships. 

(Many of these pre-release and pre-writing book notes discuss other books in planning that are still months away - but the inter-relations of the characters are more often only revealed outside the published books themselves. There are also some reasons given as to the archetypes represented and why some characters have limits to their abilities - hint: it's their redemption arc.)

Classic collections and new ones...

Golden Age Space Opera Tales Continue...

I've collected and published the classics out of the 30's, 40's, and 50's (some 60's) that were published in pulp magazines of those days. These are assembled by theme and by author. There are longer novelettes, novellas, and novels still to be published. 

(As well, I'm also continuing the "Short Flight" series which are collected by word-count, just as an additional tool for authors to study how the short-short (or "flash") fiction works. This series will continue with longer works, up to the 7,500 word limit, where novelettes start.)

Existing Golden Age series are also included in the Insiders Club, adding more as each is published. 

While Science Fiction has to include some "science" in it, you'll find every story structure here: romance, adventure, mystery, redemption, even horror and thrillers.

And I'll be giving you tips on how to spot these structures within the first 500 words or three paragraphs, so you can focus on the type of book you most like to read (the reason "genres" were developed during this time period.)

Videos Included

To further understand these characters, their actions, and how they are described, several videos - not part of any course - are slated for inclusion. These videos are part of writer's craft training, but also help any reader understand the sequence of actions generally followed by the various story structures that intertwine in these stories.

These videos and other blog posts will help you spot great fiction within the first three paragraphs, or 500 words (whichever comes first). All to improve your enjoyment.

Authors wanting to improve their writing craft are also welcome. Because the first leg of that writer's skillset tripod is to read daily...

Regular "Insider-Only" blog posts also planned.

I have the capability to email specific blog posts just to Insiders, which alert them to recent additions and also give notes and hints about the stories that won't wind up anywhere else. Without being too cryptic, I'll work to refer to the Book Universes Notes volumes above to ensure you have the needed background. Since the author has to keep all this fresh in my mind, I will often bounce these relationships around and tend to ask you what you think about planned books and character development.

These blog posts will only show up to Insiders Club Members, never on the general feed for the site.

Insiders are truly insiders. 


  • As new books are released, the oldest books are retired. This includes pre-release book notes. I'll keep those release notes for your study, but after six months, they'll also be retired. The Insiders Club will retain all volumes of the Book Universes Notes books. (This won't affect any books you've already loaded into your ereader device.)
  • Insiders will also get special discount codes on all courses and anything else major. (Like our year-end packages/bundles.)
  • If/when paperback/hardback/audiobook discounts become available, these will also be passed on to you.
  • Insiders will also be able to become Evangelists and get affiliate payments for anyone they sign up to this club, and/or purchase courses, or any book/book set. Any recurring  memberships you sign up then mean you get a percentage of what they pay, as they pay. (More details coming soon...)

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Series: Ghost Hunters, Hooman Saga, Lazurai, Walkaway Blues Diner, Harpy


You get digital versions (PDF) for every new publication each week. (Published books have averaged two books per week for the last three+ years.)


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