Last Chance

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I never expected my sunbathing to be interrupted by a stranger.

I looked up and thought I saw Karl standing there.

“Oh hiya, Karl.”

But he didn't reply, said nothing. This wasn't his schedule, he's usually either fixing something or writing by now.

I looked over at him again.

Something was different.

This guy looked like Karl, but his mouth was open, staring. In another minute, he's be drooling.

I sat up and shaded my eyes against the glare. Then I saw that was a mistake. This wasn't Karl, this was a stranger – who was looking at my sunbathing. Nude sunbathing.

So I threw my suntan lotion bottle at him and tried to wrap myself in the old comforter.

The guy ducked. And turned away.

Too late for any hope of my propriety, though...


“Is He around?”

My head and shoulders made their way around the open doorway into the house. I couldn't see what was on the other side of that stairwell from where I was..

“It's safe, Kaylee, come on in.”

So I did. And the cool air of the house gave goosebumps to various areas that my tiny bikini swim suit didn't cover. Which means a lot of uncovered ground, if you think it through, I guess.

“Well, Karl, I know you could have done a much better job of picking nephews if you could have gotten a chance.”

Karl was grinning, Fiona was hugging him, like she always was. “How was the sunbathing today?”

I felt my face flush.

“Fine, just fine.” I stopped, measuring my words after that point. “At least until that, that, pompous ass-wipe showed up to do his voyeur-gandering. He's gotta be some sort of pervert to just stare at me like that!”

Karl hadn't quit grinning.

“OK, Karl, what's so funny – did you put him up to this?!?”

“No, Kaylee. We only just met a few minutes ago. He's getting cleaned up now.” I saw him nod toward the library.

“Good. And he'd better stay out of my way unless he wants a matching shiner!”

Karl suppressed that chuckle of his. “Oh, your softball arm was free, then?”

“Yes, and that sunscreen lotion bottle is still out there, somewhere.”

“I suppose he deserved it.”

“You bet he did!” I turned to my Aunt Fiona. “Have you ever been called a 'floozy' before? What a jerk-ass!”

Karl quietly tried to get more information from me. “I assume that he saw you in your natural element?”

“You mean, was I naked like I always am when I'm sun-bathing? Sure. Buck-naked and loving it. It was such a nice day, too – before he showed up to ruin things.”

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Last Chance

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