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A Single Resource for Regenerative Agriculture Books and Materials

Welcome to a library built on working with Nature to restore the soil...

...instead of  just "getting what you can, while you can."

The materials you find here are revolutionary, because they are built on natural principles, patterns, and systems that work. 

There elements and procedures, if known and used, will increase profits by lowering inputs - all while actually improving the soil and health of your and your farm. No matter what size, from a hobby farm to several thousand acres.

You are either improving your soil, or you are mining it. 

The two books you see in the graphics utilize ruminants (cattle) grazing pastureland, the underlying natural principles in the classic texts here will enable you to take any area and improve it beyond what it was when you started managing it. Well beyond anything any of your neighbors or the "experts" thought were possible. 

Because you work from formerly out-of-print classic texts, where the authors have observed what works and wrote it down for you to discover and apply on your own. To test these ideas for yourself, no matter where you live. 

It's the soil that produces the fuel and supports any civilization.

The reason that Greece and Italy, and Mesopotamia no longer rule the world is because their soil gave out. No soil, no crops, no livestock, no food. Desert, usually. 

But the stories of people who have re-discovered these natural principles, patterns, and systems - and applied them - routinely report highly sustainable farms, which return volume foodstuffs and in turn are in high demand because of the quality of their produce.

Because they are improving the land and re-creating Edens out of worn-out, mined-out land.

What You Find Here.

I have my top selling agricultural books all included. You may already have the two pictured. I've included five more classic texts as PDF's. I've still got to get back to updating these. And also derive courses from their materials which help people understand their basics better. 

You can now take these and study them, comparing their methods and results to yours. And testing what they found as core principles to see if you can make them improve your own land and farm production. 

And as I said, these scale up or down. So your tests in a small section of pasture, or a simple garden, can give you proof on whether these ideas will work for you. 

You have nothing to lose. All of this material is yours at no-cost. 

The reason is to help you improve your quality of life. 

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  • You get access to no-charge ebooks, plus ongoing research reports.

  • You get access to no-charge ebooks, plus ongoing research reports.
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