Bundle: Time Enough - 4-ebook set about living and loving despite time...

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  • Is Time Travel possible - or just fiction?
  • Is there more than just linear time to travel in?
  • Can you really jump from one time stream to another - and save people you care for?

Almost as many authors. nearly all of these from the Golden Age of Science Fiction magazines. But don't think they are all space ships and aliens. There's romance, mystery, adventure, thrilling escapes, and every possible warped configuration of time you can imagine.

Also, three stories in a series about a girl who travels in simultaneous time - which doesn't just move forward and back, but in multiple parallel universes as well. To her, time is only Now, adjusted for what was and will-be - in all possibilities - all affecting that present.

Don't worry, by the end of these 1500+ pages, you'll have it all sorted out.


You'll get:

Time Enough Volumes 1 and 2:

Time Travel has been a question ever since some human created the clock.

All these questions about somehow making the clock run backward - and what would happen if...

And so we have enough time stories to fill two anthologies. Because people can't quit imagining the different worlds we'd create if we could - just once - go back and change some little thing.

Maybe some of these writers are right about that. Maybe it's just too dangerous a subject to consider.

Or maybe these are all nice fiction stories to while away your time and keep you thoroughly grounded in the present.

Living Forever:

To live for eternity in the arms of someone you love - or is living forever all it's cracked up to be?

Time changes things. But then again, is there anything about time that is itself finite and definite?

These eleven stories, by authors now long gone, each examined their ideas and preconceptions of time through their Golden Age science fiction stories.

All so you could "just happen" to find them again.

Time Bent Anthology:

A different take on time travel. Very different.

What if the "grandfather murder conundrum" didn't exist? Where you could freely travel in time without affecting your or anyone else's present?

The trick is that this ability also tends to "haunt" you, even drive you insane...

Try talking to a time-bender and see if you don't get confused half-way through the conversation. Because your idea of the past isn't what a time-bender experiences. Your time is linear.

This anthology contains:

  • Time Bent by S. H. Marpel
  • A World Gone Reverse by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel
  • A Very Thin Line by S. H. Marpel

102 pages, over 26K words.

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Bundle: Time Enough - 4-ebook set about living and loving despite time...

0 ratings
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