Ghost Hunters Canon 03

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The story "Ghost Hunters" started a series with two spirit-guides recruiting the human John Earl Stark, a mystery writer and part-time cattle farmer.

Since that humble beginning, an expanding team of spirit-guides and even goddesses have joined the Library in its mission to help ghosts and other beings in trouble - to solve their own mysteries.

And then John writes up their stories all as fiction - because no one would believe these tales otherwise.

But the stage was set from that first book - that all beings should be treated with respect, and the way to solve a mystery is to get the story told.

This third canon completes the first three years of this series, with an additional 16 stories that enlighten, entertain, and inspire readers over and over. Because they are written simply, and not as throwaway fiction, but stories that you get something new from on each reading.

Mysteries that seem to be re-writing themselves in between readings - because they change the reader with the ideas in them.

And after his first three years of writing, it's pretty straight forward if you stick to reading them in sequence. So – that is what's recommended. (But you can dive into the many peripheral series of stories collected by subject. These add a wealth of details and adventures to the various characters...)

With these canons, reading is simpler.

The second canon picked up where the first left off. And this third canon now picks up from the second. This now becomes your next assignment. It's on you if you read out of order. (But it's tempting...)

Never before published into single volumes, these stories will leave you wondering why no one has treated ghosts like this before. But then, if you were in their shoes, wouldn't you appreciate such treatment?

Ghost Hunters Anthology 09 by S. H. Marpel, J. R. Kruze, C. C. Brower

  • When Death Lives Twice
  • The Healer Chronicles: Birthdays]
  • The Healer Chronicles: Origins
  • Lazurai: Homecoming

Ghost Hunters Anthology 10 by S. H. Marpel & J. R. Kruze

  • The Case of the Time Bent Beau
  • The Case of the Walkaway Diner Redoux
  • Walkaway Redemption
  • Felicity

Ghost Hunters Anthology 11 by J. R. Kruze, S. H. Marpel, R. L. Saunders

  • Walkaway Mary
  • Empress Oracle
  • The Healers Chronicles: Miracles
  • Doppel

Ghost Hunters Anthology 12 by S. H. Marpel, R. L. Saunders, J. R. Kruze

  • The "Panic of 2020"
  • The Projector
  • The Case of the Tenacious Typist
  • The Eye in Team

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Ghost Hunters Canon 03

0 ratings
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