A Dog Named Kat Anthology

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There's a little-known fact that animals can talk.

Every bit as well as humans.

It's humans that have the real problem – listening.

There are probably a dozen-dozen reasons why we humans won't simply open up our ears and hear them.

It doesn't matter what type of animal – dog, cat, cow, crow, coyote.

The other simple fact is: people don't listen, so they don't hear. Voices which are every bit as clear as someone standing next to your ear.

Because you don't listen with your ears – you listen with your mind.

And then you can hear them clearly. No matter what species. No matter their size or lack of it.

Until you can start to hear them, here's the next best thing...

Stories about humans who can hear all the voices around them – or perhaps just one.

If you can't hear them yourself, you can at least read about them.

This Anthology Containing:

- A Dog Named Kat by J. R. Kruze

- Voices by J. R. Kruze

- Max Says No by J. R. Kruze

- A Nervous Butt by J. R. Kruze

- A Long Wait for Santa by C. C. Brower

- Cats Typing Romance by R. L. Saunders

- When The Wild Calls by C. C. Brower


DAD BROUGHT A PUPPY home today. Of course I fell in love with it right off.

Who couldn't – when it just wants to climb right up and slobber wet kisses all over my face and hands.

But I didn't smile. I felt better, but not that much.

I just sat on the floor with her and watched her figure out the house. Dad had brought the leftover playthings from her former home. She was the last of the litter, and her own mom had died soon after giving birth. The rest of that litter were black labs, like their mom. This puppy was golden. The color of my own strawberry blond hair.

When I told my Dad I was going to name her Kat, I said it in my usual flat voice. The one I'd had since the funeral. The one that went along without smiling.

It made sense to me. We were both blond. We'd both lost our mom's. My whole name was Kathleen. And maybe this cute little dog could keep me company.

"Are you serious?" Dad was smiling at me, but when my reaction didn't change, he nodded. "OK, 'Kat' it is." He pulled out a bag with water- and food-dishes for her and put them by me. And a bag of puppy food to go along.

Then patted my head. "You can put these wherever you think is best. But I'd suggest the kitchen where we can clean up after her more easily."

Another big bag had a brand new dog bed. Just her size, plus some she could grow into. When Dad put this on the living room floor, Kat walked right over to it, walked around inside it and sniffed, then laid down. Her head went on her paws. I just watched her from where I was kneeling on the carpet.

"Well, I hope this is temporary."

I raised my eyebrow at this voice in my head. It was coming from Kat.

"What do you think? I'd prefer to be in your room. Don't worry, I know enough to do my business outside."

I just nodded at Kat. My Dad was still looking at me, curious about my reaction. So he hadn't heard Kat at all...

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A Dog Named Kat Anthology

0 ratings
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