Think Less & Grow Richer

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If you're so rich, how come you aren't happy all the time?

How about all that stuff you've bought or acquired - with a house and driveway filled with all these goods, you should be consistently full of joy, right?

The trick is that we've misidentified who we are and where our happiness comes from.

"You can't buy happiness", the old phrase goes. And yet, our culture has touted making money as one of the key motivations for doing anything.

Sure, it's true that having a lot of money makes it easier to live your life.

But just consider what Napoleon Hill stated late in his life - that there were at least seven other ways of "getting rich" than people commonly knew. And he listed "having suffcient income" last on that list.

The core problem we choose to ignore has to do with our mind.

Truly, "we become what we think about" as Earl Nightingale said. Yet, so often we think negative thoughts, which result in bad feelings and destructive beliefs.

We're rolling along, enjoying all these riches we've surrounded ourselves with and then - BLAM! We're upset by something, or blaming someone else for some difficulty we are having. Or we read or watch in the news about something that upsets us.

The funny fact is that you are natively happy. And this is one of your riches. Probably your greatest. Because it doesn't depend on being surrounded by anything for you to enjoy it. And your being happy doesn't depend on giving up all this stuff, either.

We've created our own mind by thinking thoughts and holding on to them. Then we have bad feelings and emotions that show up when certain things happen around us. Whenever we blame someone or something else, we don't feel better. And any happiness or enjoyment vanishes from our life. All while our nagging thoughts say these are that way - because....

That single concept gives us a way we can enjoy being rich in just living life itself.

You have to straighten out that thing you carry around with you everywhere - called a mind.

No, of course, it's not that easy. Even though all the various goal achievement books and materials prescribe actions you can take to reprogram your subconscious mind to accomplish that mental house-cleaning.

And these work. If you practice them regularly, daily.

But they don't work completely.

That is the explanation for the various upsets, worries, and anger that come up to interrupt your happiness.

What follows in this book is how you can live the richest life possible - and how you can enjoy every moment of it.

Every moment, not just some or most of them.

You're going to have to quit the worst, most addictive habit you have - which is constantly thinking all the time.

Because all that thinking just gets in the way of your own native ability to tap into your always-on inspiration for solutions.

Once you resolve those "mind problems", then you'll find your native state shows up as you simply enjoy each and every experience in your life.

No kidding.

All this is from 5 decades of research and study into the human condition and it's remedies. All tested, proved, written up. Just for you.

But these "greatest secrets" won't do you any good unless you read them and start implementing them in your life - to take it to the next level.

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Think Less & Grow Richer

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