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The trick with writing these days is to avoid the temptation to trip and fall into the gutter.

A friend of mine picked up a popular book and was surprised (and red-faced) to find explicit details inside it about the romance. Erotica had crept in and spoiled that book and popular author for her.

The goal instead should be to produce books that are a good, quality read, and can be read by anyone in the family. Like the trusted classics we all grew up with.

A mystery doesn't have to be gory death in all the gruesome details.

The reader's imagination is more than ready to fill in all those details - so why not leave them off-page? A single ellipses is more powerful than pages of graphic, steamy text.

It's said that there were so many copies of "50 Shades" donated to libraries that they had to throw them out as soon as they arrived. Why? Because the women who felt they "had" to buy them didn't want them seen on their own bookshelves.

At Living Sensical Press, we work to write and publish books that will themselves become perennial-selling classics. That any child or adult could read, understand, and enjoy. And that you can read over and over and get more out of them every time.

In fiction, we publish parables instead of throwaways. And we work to publish a new book or collection of other shorter stories every single week.

So you always have something interesting and available to entertain, educate, and inspire you - and your family.

Visit us at and find a broad selection of both fiction and non-fiction, both classic and modern original works.

And the original work isn't copycat or hackneyed just in order to "write to market". Instead we publish from authors who are writing what they would like to read. And strive to make each book better than the one before - using the perennial classics as guides and mentors.

We publish here on first and foremost - where there is no silly "woke" censorship. Of course, we also publish to everywhere else as well, in all possible formats. (And that's not to say we don't have a healthy selection of satire to make fun of our current political correctness.)

You'll find our prices on are always "Pay What You Want" - and usually less costly than everywhere else.

So there you have our policy in a nutshell. And a huge library of books to choose from. Please enjoy.

PS. We've started making short video trailers for every new book and all earlier ones as we can get to them. You'll see a few this week. Again - please enjoy...

Robert C. Worstell - Chief Editor

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