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I'm sitting on several gold mines of data, all mined and sacked up from several decades of wandering, picking, shoveling, and panning.

Some years ago, I sharpened some very precise and accurate methods of sleuthing through massive piles of data to pull out just the key material that explained all the rest. And my skills have only sharpened since.

The short version of this is that I throw away some 97% of all I study by looking just for the precise and natural principles that make all the rest of it run. Once I have extracted those, then it's obvious what patterns they create by their interactions, and any systems that can be or have been built out of those principles.

Once you know the principles and patterns, then you'll have a tiny few number of books, references and recordings in those areas that make the rest of everything work.

  • I've narrowed down the entirety of self-help materials to be essentially those of "goal achievement" and those materials have whittled down to the ones which involve vision, imagination, and persistence.

  • As another raw test, several years ago, I took up fiction writing. A couple hundred published books later, I can tell you exactly what a good book is within minutes of opening its cover. And I have the core basics of writing any genre, style, or structure. My writing still improves with every book I write. I've also found get more out of writing than just the income it brings. So I'll never get "burned out". I also know that I can write any fiction book at any time - that there is no such thing as writer's block. This work in fiction writing also improved my non-fiction writing - which was a test in itself.

  • In farming, I've worked out how to run a profitable grazing business which doesn't see it's costs or profits go up or down depending on who's in office and how they manage to crater the nation's economy. Our farming business is relatively unaffected by weather. The business is also reinvigorating the land as it goes. It's conservation-based, and does more for solving "greenhouse gasses" than any of our neighbors with all their high-priced machines and equipment. Plus, it's fun to raise animals. Especially when they are calm and gentle as ours are.

  • A side study of copywriting found that the core advances in advertising showed up in the first half of the last century. Only one book really had anything to say that was a positive improvement. For the most part, anything written after the mid 1950's was pretty much a rehash at best - and could be ignored if you studied the others.

As I went, I wrote up these discoveries, and published them as books on their own. Last year, I found that my research was complete, as far as anything I was remotely interested in.

Essentially, I have about four gold mines that now just need to be worked into materials that can be broadly accessed by people. This is mainly just converting them into additional formats so the existing books can be discovered by these people. One of these efforts is producing introductory videos. Another is building those videos into courses. Plus, I'll keep on top of things and see how any real improvements in technology can help people find out more. Maybe this will mean regular webinars...

Meanwhile, this company who is now hosting all my content here has improved and expanded its capabilities. So I pulled out of other hosting agreements and simply put everything on this site - because I'd been selling my books here for years already. Most everything was already there. The additional "bells and whistles" I'd been paying for never covered their costs, or produced what they promised.

My current approach is to continue the process of marketing these five areas. That means simply finding the markets that already exist for these areas and getting materials out to them that they can use to improve their operations and lifestyles. They can be more sustainable, more profitable, and even more happy at what they are doing in these areas than they have ever been before.

These results are because I have the core principles and patterns that they can use to evaluate the data they themselves are sitting on and use daily. Then throw away the garbage and keep the gold underneath that.

So that's what I'm doing and why I'm here.

Glad to have you aboard.

Contact me if you want. I'll help you if I can.

And - thanks.

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