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"We Become What We Think About."

We Get What We Expect - Nightingale

[Readers Update] Construction conniptions - Fall grazing starts in earnest...

[Readers Update] At least there's editing - while training calves is daily work...

Advice for the Fearful - Nightingale

Oh No, You Wouldn't! - Nightingale

[Readers Update] An eight-month experiment nearly complete - and yet muses haunt me...

Are You Married to Your Career? - Nightingale

Discover Opportunity, Not Security - Nightingale

What Kind of Ship Are You? - Nightingale

[Readers Update] The sweltering summer finds relief - and an upcoming new release on writing finds me...

The Genius of Daydreaming

[Readers Update] And now for that final calf - and news on upcoming books...

What's Your Intermediate Goal? - Nightingale

[Readers Update] At last, the final calf arrives - and a new short ebook, also...

The Most Accessible of Pleasures - Nightingale

[Readers Update] Another new calf namerator challenge, and a new short ebook...

Our Idea of Reality - Nightingale

[Readers Update] Back to the farm again, a namerator challenge, and new approach to things...

We Invent Ourselves - Nightingale

[Readers Update] One more calf namerator challenge while I'm on vacation...

[Readers Update] New calf namerator challenge while I'm on vacation...

Playing it Safe Can Be Risky - Nightingale

Keeping the Luster in Your Life - Nightingale

[Readers Update] Only one more calf to go, now - all are healthy - and our last updated Ghost Hunters anthology...

Knowing Your Next Port of Call - Nightingale

[Readers Update] More new calves - a phantom infection - and only a couple Ghost Hunters anthologies left...

Follow Your River & Get What You Want

[Readers Update] Over the halfway mark for calves - and only a few Ghost Hunters anthologies left...

Living the Entrepreneurial Adventure - Nightingale

[Readers Update] More new calves - back to Ghost Hunters anthologies updates...

How to Cure All Fear of Failure - Nightingale

[Readers Update] In the Home Stretch for new calves - and a surprise anthology update...

9 Simple Steps for Solving Any Problem

[Readers Update] Past half-way on calves - and an updated masterwork course reappears...

Is Your Destination Clear? - Nightingale

The Turning Point - Earl Nightingale

[Readers Update] Another cute calf arrives - and a fiction update plus new course for you...

The First Law of Business - Nightingale

The Climate for Growth - Earl Nightingale

A Word to Live By - Nightingale

Thinking in Value - Nightingale

Our Changing World - Nightingale

Your Motivating Desire - Nightingale

[Readers Update] Spring Struggles and Appears - as well as updated fiction anthology and non-fiction classic...

Go Ahead and Leap - Nightingale

It's Not The Job, It's You - Nightingale

Fake It Till You Make It - Nightingale

Writer's Craft: What is a mystery?

Solving the Devil's Wedge - Nightingale

The Fog of Worry - Nightingale

[Reader's Update] When Winter Isn't Winter - a brand new fiction - dating is over-rated...

Tips For Setting Goals

The Secret to Perseverance - Nightingale

Do You Fulfill the Present?

Two Groups of Successful People - Nightingale

Building A Good Story

Developing a Prolific Writing Habit

Transmuting Thoughts into Reality - Nightingale

Why Fiction Writing is So Much Darned Fun...

How to Accidentally Build a Book Series with Recurring Characters

It's Gratitude Day! Plenty to be grateful for - like new releases...

Some Thoughts of Value - Nightingale

Living Sensical Press Policy - Writing Perennial-Selling Classics Today

How Your Characters Come to Life - It's Their Why...

Piles of Gold - Knowledge Waiting for You to Discover

An Assembly Line for Produced Books

Your Own Acres of Diamonds - Nightingale

A Mistake in Waiting for Happiness - Earl Nightingale

Our Changing World - Nightingale

The Profile of a Creative Person

[Readers Update] New Trilogy Released - Plans for each Library

A Mistake in Waiting for Happiness - Earl Nightingale

Writing A Racy Scene Without Explicit Descriptions

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet

How to Get Rich - Earl Nightingale

How To Write Effective Fiction Book Blurbs - That Get SALES...

How To Write Effective Blurbs - That Get Your Books SOLD...

You Don't Have to Pay to Give Stuff Away

3 Things Authors Need to Succeed

The Great Membership Mode Challenge – Results Week 04

How Authors Earn A Living

Figuring Out How to Help You Better - With Books and More

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